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Testimonials For Rev. Joe Wadas
I loved the fact that Joe used some of our own words.  He exuded confidence, warmth, and grace throughout the ceremony.  He really captured our deepest feelings and the wedding was absolutely perfect in every way.
~Susanne and Cobi R. Brothers, II

Rev Joe,
Thank you again for the perfect wedding ceremony, we couldn't have planned it better if we tried, your words brought both of us to the verge of tears during the ceremony, which made it that much more special for us.  We started out looking for a pre-marriage for convenience so we could get Cate insured and you helped us to make it a very special day that we will always remember.
We have to believe that god brought us together so that our special day was truly special.  Again, thank you for you help in the planning and the beautiful words you shared with us.
We couldn't believe how fast we received the Marriage Certificate from the court, we received it the same day we received your Certificate of Marriage.
God Bless and keep you until we meet again.
                                                                  ~Daniel Bonin & Catherine Rose

Rev. Joe was very kind.  He did exactly what we wanted.  I would highly recommend him to any friends or family wanting to get married.
~Fred and Kimberly Smith

We would highly recommend Reverend Joe Wadas for any couple looking for a true professional to officiate their wedding ceremony.  Gayle and I were looking for someone to bring spiritual meaning to our ceremony and at the same time allow it to be very personal to us as individuals and as a family. Joe took all of that into consideration while helping us with all the basics to build a truly meaningful ceremony. Joe’s delivery of our ceremony was from the heart and we will always cherish the memory he helped us create.

                                                                                   ~Bryan and Gayle Carey

We changed a lot and Rev. Joe worked with us the whole time.  Thank you so much for making our day special!
~Heather and Dan Kaelin

When we started to plan our wedding, we knew we wanted intimate and on the beach.
Our favorite place to be is on the beach. The warm sunshine, the sand between your toes, the music of the ocean, it's a little piece of heaven to us every time.  So we decided on Hilton Head Island, now it was time to find an Officiate.  Being that we were both raised Christian, we still very much wanted to incorporate those values into our ceremony.  We had met a few officiates and were deciding, when our wedding coordinator contacted us about Rev Joseph Wadas.  We had met with him and felt comfortable that he understood what our vision was and guided us through the process.  On a warm and cozy Saturday @ 4:30 pm, we walked down the rose petal isle with our toes between the sand and the sunshine on our face and became husband and wife.  Rev Joseph had us write private letters to one other about our dreams, our goals, our lives together and quoted them in our ceremony. He captured everything meaningful to us during that hour and more. It was so beautiful and memorable to not only us but our family and friends.  During the reception, everybody was talking about our ceremony and how it was simply perfect.  We were truly blessed to have found him.

                                                                                     ~John & Holly 

Joe was wonderful. Our wedding plans were very last minute and he was very understanding and flexible with us. He was also very nice to change the wording in our ceremony to say "as long as our souls shall live." It was great to be able to add in our own touches to make our day that much more special and he was great with accommodating our last minute changes. The ceremony was beautiful and Joe added a very special touch that would not have been possible without him. I Highly recommend Joe Wadas. Our wedding was amazing.

Thank you again,
                       ~Christopher and Melissa Wilford     


We decided about a month prior to the ceremony to get married in Savannah, a place with special meaning in our relationship.  We did some research and knew the legal requirements but not any of the details that would make it “our day.”  Once we found Reverend Joe the rest just fell into place.  His quick responses and helpful information made it extremely easy.  Our wedding was simple yet deeply personal, nothing like getting married by the typical Justice of the Peace.  We were pleasantly surprised by how seriously he took his job as Officiant, even with no one present but the two of us.  The prayers were beautiful – we especially liked the Native American one – and blended perfectly with the vows we wrote.  Reverend Joe is a true professional, one you can tell cares as much about the marriage as he does the wedding.                                                              

                                                                                      ~Dan & Kim 

 We called & emailed, and he responded promptly.  We did not think we could find a minister to marry us on the beach.  He said anywhere and anytime, no problem.  Rev. Joe was very accommodating and polite.  He is a very spiritual man.
                                                             ~Richie and Debbie Pullen


 Rev. Wadas, Thank you!  The ceremony was just as we envisioned it would be.  You’re great!
                                                            ~Anthony and Sarah Zukoff

 Thank you, Reverend Joe, for making our wedding ceremony a wonderfully memorable moment in our lives.  A wedding day in and of itself is special, but the vows you suggested and the care you showed prior, during, and after the ceremony is meaningful than we ever could have anticipated.  Our wedding was small; no decorations but the beautiful backdrop of historic Savannah, however a couple of our guests said it was the most touching ceremony they’ve ever witnessed.  Your vows made impressions that were talked about for weeks following the wedding.  Thank you and may God bless you and your gift of joining lives in sacred matrimony.
                                                          ~Mr. And Mrs. David Draper, II
                                                            Spring 2008

We enjoyed the vows you wrote for us and the very special ceremony, which even included a bit of humor.
                                                          ~Kevin and Paige McMenamin                      


Thank you so much for adding to our memories.  You were wonderful.  Our ceremony was very romantic and meaningful.  We couldn't have asked for a better officiant!
                                              ~Angela and Ben Crone 

Rev. Wadas,


 We would both like to take the time to thank you for marrying us on Monday.  You helped make our special day even more magical.  We followed our hearts and let our love lead the way while we were in Savannah.   We are so glad we found you and we both got a good feeling from you.  We now know our marriage was blessed by a very special person which will help our marriage get off to a happy and loving start! Thanks again,           ~Allison and Jae


 Rev. Joe,

 We cannot thank you enough for helping to make our wedding day perfect!  We are so lucky to have found you.  Thank you for all of your help and suggestions in putting our beautiful ceremony together.  You had so many wonderful ideas and really helped us create such a memorable and unique service.  Our family and friends loved the ceremony as much as Chris and I.  We will never forget you and all that you have done for us.  Chris really appreciated all of your support prior to the ceremony.  Thank you for all of your guidance and support.  We will keep in touch!  Sincerely,
                                                     ~Christie and Chris Telep

  The wedding turned out just as I always dreamed but it couldn't have been complete without you.  We appreciate you so much and everything you said was absolutely perfect!  Thank you so very much. Please keep an eye out for your mail.  I will be putting you a "little something" in the mail for you as a token of our appreciation.  Thanks again!!!!!  Respectfully
                                                     ~Ainsley & Chris Hall

 Good afternoon Rev. Joe,

 Both Ursula and I would like to thank you for making our wedding ceremony a lasting memory! We both knew the ceremony was going to be "Special" but you have exceeded all of our wishes and I can not put into words how much we appreciate the special touches you put on the ceremony and how comfortable we felt having you performing it.

 In the days and months leading up to the wedding we would talk about how we imagined the ceremony going and it was really hard to put into words what exactly we wanted. With your help you made the day go smoothly and put at ease all of our concerns and made it the most beautiful day I have ever had. Both Ursula, Myself and my Family and Friends could not stop talking about how you incorporated my son into the ceremony and the letters we wrote to each other. From the moment we first spoke I knew it was a sign from the Lord that you were the right person to turn our thoughts and prayers into a reality and you and your Family will always be in our prayers for what you have done for us.

 Since it is a tradition to save your wedding cake and eat it on your one year anniversary, We were unable to do this as we had to drive back from Hilton Head and the cake would not last. What we decided to do was read our letters to one another on our one year anniversary and every year to come on June 20. To me this was a sign from the Lord, When you mentioned the letters we did not hesitate to do this and in the end this gave us something more Special and Loving than any Cake could ever offer and I can't wait to read them next year. 

 We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please feel free to use any/all of this email for a recommendation and you can include my mobile number to anyone who is thinking of using your services as I would be happy to put people at ease because your wedding days means so much and finding the right person to perform the wedding is the most important part of the day. 

 Thank you again and may God bless you! 
                                                    ~The Warnicks
                                                 ~My cell phone # 614-506-2446

 Dear Rev Joe,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony!  We never dreamed that it would be so perfect.  You made everything so meaningful and we really appreciate it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 
                                                                      ~ Julie and Mike

 Rev. Joe, 
Thank you for all of your help!  We were really stressed out a few days before the wedding because our original officiant cancelled on us.  But you stepped in, without missing a beat, and took over what could have been a huge disaster!  You're awesome, polite, understanding, and you have a great sense of humor!  Deepest thanks,
                                                           ~Jorge and Jasmine Solano

Words can't express how grateful we are to Rev. Joe for making out wedding ceremony extra special.  He was passionate, kind, and most of all patient.  He suggested the perfect wedding script.  Everyone attending thought that the ceremony was AWESOME!!  We highly recommend Rev. Joe; he's GREAT!
                                                            ~Johnny and Gwen

We called on a moment's notice and Rev. Joe was able to come to our celebration.  We got married out in the rain and Rev. Joe just grabbed an umbrella and married us!  We will always remember how Rev. Joe just went with the flow for our special day!
                                                           ~Jenna Watt 

Our wedding was everything we had dreamed of and more.  The ceremony was breath-taking and provided us with wonderful memories.  Rev. Joe, while being professional, was flexible and provided us with understanding, compassion, and laughter throughout the planning process.  The rehearsal provided us with comfort in knowing what to do for the ceremony and confidence in knowing he was behind us.  We recommend Rev. Joe for anybody's wedding.  We feel so blessed.
                                                            ~ Clinton and Irene Wood

Hi Rev. Joe!
It's taken awhile, but I finally have time to write. There were many aspects of my wedding that didn't go well- and you were not one of them! I never had to worry whether things would go as planned with you. You were very understanding and patient when my rehearsal had its woes. You were professional and pleasant. I was proud to have you there. Also, many people commented afterwards on the great job you did with the actual ceremony.  Your calm presence lightened the nervousness.
When you think about and are planning your wedding, you imagine things to flow a certain way. I was more than happy with you, and things played out just as I wanted them to. 
 Thank you so much!
Jon and Jennifer Crapse


 Rev. Joe could not have been better for us.  It was like we had known him all of our lives.  He helped make a special event an extraordinary event.  Thanks, Joe.
                            ~Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Christensen

Reverend Joe Wadas knows how to make your wedding personable in creative ways I had never heard of.  The moment he began speaking, I felt as though he knew both of us for years.
                             ~Mrs. Jennifer Beale (married to Fabio Miotto-Santos in February 2009) 



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