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Questions Answered
 We are planning my wedding to take place on (date & time) at (wedding location) are you available? How far in advance should we book our minister?

Hopefully, the answer to the first question is, "Yes." You should book with me as soon as possible.  My schedule is sometimes hectic, and I’d like to accommodate your wedding plans if possible.  Contact me right away to inquire about availability.  Contacting me early assures that you can get on my calendar and it gives us more time to plan and customize your ceremony.

What kind of wedding ceremonies do you perform?

My wedding ministry is customized to the needs of the couple.  After all, it is YOUR wedding.    This means that my weddings have been religious, interfaith and civil, formal or casual, short or long; YOU tell me the type of wedding you desire.  I work hard to personalize each ceremony to reflect your desires, values, relationship and spiritual journeys. I believe that no two couples are alike, no two relationships are alike, therefore, "one size fits all," doesn't fit with me!  The couple is as involved in planning the details of the ceremony as they wish to be.  With my years of experience, I have lots of ideas to customize your special day too!

My motto is “Your wedding done Your Way!”


What makes you different from the other officiants?

My quality and experience sets me apart from the others.  I have officiated at weddings for well over 20 years.  In that time there are countless couples who appreciate my services.  Furthermore, because I truly enjoy this ministry I work extra hard to give each couple the wedding that is perfectly right for them.   My expertise and experience has given me some great ideas to offer, as well.  You and your guests will forever cherish the memories of your special day.

If wanted or necessary, I follow-up with the couples I marry so that they need not feel forgotten.  I can provide ongoing information on relationship strengthening, conflict resolution, children, and a whole host of issues.  Unlike so many of the others, I make myself available to celebrate the couple's anniversary in a special way.


Can we meet with you prior to the wedding?

Most definitely, and I encourage this. It is important for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you.  I would be delighted to meet with you at any time prior to your wedding date. However, most often I meet the bride and groom for the first time at the rehearsal or wedding. I am available by phone, fax, e-mail and U.S. mail.  Planning your wedding even from a distance, then, is not a problem.

How do we book you as our minister?

will "pencil-in" the date for you right now, if it is available. Once I receive your deposit, the date is “locked-in” for you. Please know that until the deposit is received, I am not booked as your minister. To begin the booking process, please contact me by telephone or email to check my availability.

I will then give you information about fees/deposits.  Once the deposit is received it becomes non-refundable.  Of course, if another conflicting deposit is received before yours, I refund yours completely.

After I receive the deposit, I send a confirmation.  We can then begin planning your wedding.

How and where do we send the deposit?

The deposit can be a personal check or money order made payable to "Rev. Joseph S. Wadas" and it can be mailed to me (contact me for the mailing address).  You may also send me a payment through paypal (if you do this, though, make sure that you pay the associated fees for this) or you may pay from my website after contacting me first to make sure your date is still available at the time of your deposit.
If your wedding is a last minute arrangement, there may not be time to mail the deposit to me.  If that is the case, just discuss it with me when you call.


What do you do for us as our minister?

I will work with you to develop a ceremony that is written especially for you. I believe very strongly that it is YOUR WEDDING! I am totally committed to exceeding your dreams about the perfect wedding ceremony for you. I do not just perform ceremonies, I help you create the ceremony that is unique to you, the couple, your courtship, your relationship, your union. I can incorporate the significant points in your lives. I help you achieve your dreams in a natural and comfortable way. In short, I provide a ceremony and vows that are meaningful to you on your wedding day, but will remain equally meaningful to you the rest of your lives. As my gift to you, I provide a Certified  Marriage Certificate and a printed copy of your wedding ceremony, if desired.  I take care of filing the marriage license with the civil authorities.  You would also be eligible for discounts on anniversary celebrations.  I also provide ongoing information and contact, if needed or desired.

 What happens with our Marriage License after the wedding?

If required by the license (and after the ceremony), we will ask the witness to sign. Thereafter, we will complete all information required and file the license with the appropriate County Recorder's Office.


 Do you require premarital counseling?

No, but I do offer it. Some couples feel that premarital counseling is important to them. I am available for everyone whose lives we are blessed to touch. There is a fee for this service.


May our photographer and/or videographer photo during the ceremony?

Absolutely! It is very important to capture these magical moments on video or in photos. I work well with photographers and videographers to take as many pictures as they wish during the ceremony.

May I ask, how much is your fee?

My fee is determined after a free consultation.  My fee does vary according to the circumstances and requirements of the individual couple. I do whatever is right for you, and I perform the ceremony at the location of your choice. If required to travel a distance or incur overnight lodging, of course the fee is greater. This is also true should you want my presence at a wedding rehearsal.  But, there is plenty of time to talk about that. Be sure to contact me to check my availability and tell me about the type of wedding you want. 

You will find my fee to be very reasonable for the quality of ceremonies I perform.


Are we supposed to tip our officiant?

Gratuities are often a touchy subject. I do not expect a gratuity, and I am not insulted not to receive one. However, on occasion a couple may express their gratitude with a gratuity. Officiants probably charge the least of all the wedding vendors and most pour their hearts and souls into the ceremony. We do not just do it as a job; it is a calling and an experience. If the ceremony is particularly pleasing, gratuities are a concrete way to let officiants know you appreciate what they did and honor their contribution to making the day especially meaningful. 

Gratuities needn't be in the form of monetary compensation however. My two favorite gratuities were a gift certificate for a local restaurant and a bottle of wine. Both encouraged me to do something special rather than simply put money into the family budget. They led to occasions that will forever be linked in memory to the couple's wedding. 


You reserve wedding dates far in advance, are you also available for last minute weddings?

Yes, absolutely.  I am as available to this ministry as my time and commitments allow.  Even though a wedding can be a last minute request, it can still be meaningful and special.  Call or email me to inquire about my availability at the last minute.


How far do you travel to do weddings?

I have on occasion traveled hundreds of miles to do weddings.  If my schedule allows, I am available to travel some distance to do your wedding at your location. 

The more typical service area of my weddings is Savannah, Hilton Head, Coastal Georgia, the Low Country, and Northeast Florida.  If your needs are different, contact me and we can talk about it.


Is your schedule ever constrained by too many weddings?

I work hard to make these weddings special and meaningful.  Because of this, I refuse to overbook weddings.  This means I may have to turn some couples away because I want to give each and every wedding the time/attention it deserves.  I leave plenty of time in my schedule to properly plan and to do a comfortable, non-rushed service.


Some ministers require couples to do or believe certain things.  Is that the case with you?

No.  I recognize that your spiritual journey is just that, YOUR spiritual journey.  In my everyday job, I work as a hospice chaplain.  This work has me ministering to a wide variety of people from different faith backgrounds (many with no faith background).  I am comfortable working with people wherever they are on the spiritual journey we all take.  My ministry is non-judgmental, tolerant, and flexible.  I firmly believe that your wedding should reflect your values, your faith, your vision.


We have a wedding planner/coordinator.  Do you work with them?

Yes, I have worked with a number of event planners in the past.  I am pretty comfortable working with any event planner/coordinator that you’ve chosen.  Hopefully, they would share my view that your wedding should be done your way.


Is there anything that surprises you about your work with engaged couples?

Yes, many things.  It is sometimes surprising how much thought and expense they put into selecting a photographer to capture the memories, but they leave the selection of the officiant to chance.  The officiant has the important task of helping create the memory.    By choosing me, you choose a quality, professional officiant!


Do you have suggestions/ideas of places/venues/vendors for our wedding?

Yes, I would be happy to discuss the pro’s and con’s of a number of locations, venues, and vendors.  We can plan a wedding that suits you and your wishes.


Would you be willing to provide references?

Absolutely!  I have a large number of satisfied clients and would be happy to provide references if this was desired and requested.



I still have unanswered questions. Will you please answer them for me?

I’d be delighted to answer your questions. Please Call or Email me with your questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Call or email Rev. Joe to check on his availability. You will be so glad you did!

Savannah Wedding Minister
 Rev. Joe Wadas

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